Tuesday, January 1, 2019

3 Special, Guest Co-Hosts Confirmed

For the first episode of Bluegrass Bodybuilding, taping in mid-January, I will discuss the vision for the podcasts to come, any sponsor/advertiser news, and any pertinent news. I will also answer fan questions and speak on the various competitors prepping throughout Kentucky and close-by in surrounding states. By that point, we should also have more information on the order of our three slated Special, Guest, Co-Hosts.

Unlike other podcasts, we're not interviewing anyone. There will be episodes hosted solely by Christian Duque and there will be episodes hosted by Duque and a Special Co-Host. Co-Hosts can say whatever they want, show love to whoever they want, and take the direction of the show away from Duque or vice versa. The objective is that each host share their perspective and that the audience get an hour's worth of news commentary on the national scene - with special emphasis on Kentucky. There might be talk of the old school days, there might be handicapping of the Arnold or Mr. Olympia, or the hosts might discuss individual competitors, funny social media posts, or rant. The only rule is - there are no rules.

Bluegrass Bodybuilding will be an invaluable, fan-based tool in growing NPC and IFBB Pro League bodybuilding and fitness in Kentucky. Our chief goal is celebrating the competitors, helping promoters, and helping the community. There's a lot to be done - the sky's the limit!!

Our first 3, Special Guest Co-hosts are legendary contest prep guru Steve Weingarten, NPC Men's Physique Competitor and Prep Coach Gage Miller, and NPC Men's Physique Competitors, Lift Inc. Gym owner, and contest prep coach Eli Coffey. These hosts will have episodes ranging from February to mid March.

Bluegrass Bodybuilding will have a studio in Louisville, KY, but will also have the ability to tape from remote locations throughout Kentucky. We're not asking hosts to come to the 502, we're taking the show there!!

For those interested in advertising opportunities, please email me.