Saturday, September 21, 2019

CAM Fitness - A Name To Watch!!

If you're keen on keeping up to date with who's making waves in the world of Bluegrass Bodybuilding, then you must be well aware with the NPC competitor this entry is all about. Cam is a fighter, he kills it in the gym, brings impeccable condition to the stage, and has made a name for himself in terms of his crispness, vascularity, symmetry and separation - when it counts most!! See, we have many other competitors who also bring it, dial it in, and look their all-time best too; however, they don't present that package on stage. So where then? I have to say, many competitors seem to look their best, standing all alone, employing a ton of filters, many times in their bathroom or garage, posing for their phones on impressive Instagram posts and stories. 

Sadly, you can't get your IFBB Pro League Pro Card by looking great on the Gram or Facebook. There's also no pro cards issued for looking your best 2-3 weeks out from a contest. The truth is, Cam, along with his coach IFBB Pro Benquil Marigny, have been able to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, at the national level, up against other national-level NPC competitors on game day and hold their own quite well.

I was stunned to see how impressive Cam looked at Gary Udit's 2019 NPC North American Championships. From the moment he arrived, to walking around the lobby, and doing shots and interviews, he knew he was ready. There's something about competitors that have put in the work; when they hit the venue, there's an undeniable sense of confidence around them, almost like an aura. It's a calm and collectedness that sometimes may come off as cocky, but it only seems to annoy the unprepared.

Not only did Cam do his homework and not only did he come to Pittsburgh with an ironclad sense of confidence, but when the time called for it, he was also ready to battle. In fact, this guy fought like there was no tomorrow!! Just because he got second call-outs, he simply would not give up. His coach wouldn't give up. Second Call-outs? So what! He gave 110%, never let up, and put himself back into the Top 6. That's the kind of heart you don't see everyday. I sure as heck don't see it and I cover contests all around the country, from Level 1 local shows to pro qualifiers and pro shows. 

Like I said, if you're keen on staying up to date with what's happening in Kentucky Bodybuilding and Fitness, you had better know the name CAM FITNESS, because he's going places!!

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