Wednesday, July 31, 2019

IFBB Pro Chauncey Wilson To Guest Pose - 2019 NPC Kentucky Open

The world of Kentucky bodybuilding and fitness was on fire today, as IFBB Pro Chauncey "The Shredder" Wilson, announced that he would be guest posing at the Next Level Sports Nutrition 2019 NPC Kentucky Open/Kentucky State in Lexington. Wilson, who won the Classic Physique Overall at the 2019 NPC Junior USA's in Charleston, SC, is considered one of Kentucky's top two best posers. The other being IFBB Pro Kevin Johnson. There's no question Chauncey will deliver a great presentation, with a routine sure to bring the house down!

Wilson, or "The Shredder" as he's nicknamed, has already made very good use of his IFBB Pro League pro card, making a very strong pro debut at Jack Titone's Omaha Pro, with a very impressive Top 6 finish, and creating an undeniable level of buzz for himself throughout the fitness industry. 

This guest posing appearance is great news and may be the first of many in 2019. Chauncey has previously graced posters for Brent Jones events and could conceivably guest pose at the Tricky, in Covington, and elsewhere. Guest posers - who can actually pose - are, believe it or not, few and far between. A lot of times promoters won't have guest posers, for that very reason. I commend both Gene and Tina Goode on their choice!! The 2019 NPC Kentucky Open/Kentucky State at Heritage Hall is looking to be a major success and that's not just hype, it's fact!

In the meantime, be sure to follow Chauncey on Instagram and/or come out to his weekly Posing Classes, taught alongside IFBB Pro Jeremy Decker.

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